Ep.5. The Temple of the Moon

The Heroes

Kilannia, 3rd level Wood Elf Ranger, played by Caroline.
Sindar, 3rd level Wood Elf Ranger, played by Graeme.
Yrgromma, 3rd level Dragonspawn Chaos Mage, played by Russell.
Kovec, 5th level Dark Elf Rogue/Commander, played by Russell.
Lomaeus, 3rd level Holy One Monk, played by Peter.
Nero, 5th level Half-Elven Sorceror, played by Peter.


Session Twelve

Played: 17th July 2017.
Party: Kilannia, Sindar, Yrgromma, and Tyberious.
Rewards: 2 full heal up. Level Up.
175gp each.

The Heroes head into the Spider Wood and encounter some spiders (gasp), who Sindar charms away, but not a larger queen spider. They also take a slight detour to dispatch some goblins. At a river crossing they dispatch a giant snake. Eventually they get to the ruins of the temple itself. After avoiding a Chaos Behemoth, they dispatch some living statues.

Session Thirteen

Played: 31st July 2017.
Party: Kilannia, Sindar, Yrgromma, and Tyberious.
Rewards: One incremental advance. 1 full heal up.
210gp each.

The Heroes enter the underground area and fight some wraiths and gargoyles. They detour into a crypt where they slay some ghouls. They answer a riddle that leads them into a main room where their are four great doors, where a black dragon awaits then.

Heading through one of the doors they are attacked by chaos abominations where they endure an epic fight.

Session Fourteen

Played: 14th August 2017.
Party: Kilannia, Sindar, Yrgromma, and Tyberious.
Rewards: One incremental advance. 1 full heal up.
210gp each. +1 Hat of Birds.

The party heads into the wolf door and enters a realm where they participate in a wolf hunt. Only Sindar succeeds the required skill tests.

They enter the Bear door and agree to help the spirits free the buried Bear spirit. They travel to the cave and free the spirit by digging it free from the cave, while fighting off Harpies and Orcs. Yrgromma's sex is again changed by the forces of chaotic magic.

They enter the cat door and fight their way through some lions. They enter the room where the cat spirit in being indulged. They force cat to help by removing the things that make it comfortable, ending with a tough fight against some four-armed Flesh Golems.

Session Fifteen

Played: 28th August 2017.
Party: Kilannia, Sindar, Yrgrom, and Tyberious.
Rewards: None. Suffered a campaign loss.

The heroes go through the last of the doors, through to the hall of the Stag where the spirit of a doe show the party a vision of the Stag being hunted and its antlers removed and taken away by a lich Hunter.

The party heads towards the tower but Sindar looses his way and the heroes enter a garden where they are attacked by Claw Flowers. Yrgromm is slain.

The party reaches the lich tower but the lich and its undead cohorts are two tough for them. Tyberious sacrifices himself to allow Kilannia and Sindar to escape.

Session Sixteen

Played: 4th September 2017.
Party: Kilannia, Sindar, Nero, and Kovec.
Rewards: Level up. 160gp each.

The Heroes regroup and collect a couple of new companions. They then again assult the lich tower and make their way through the undead, and regain the antlers for the stage. Returning to the temple they gain the support of the four spirit Animal Lords. They are given a horn to blow that will summon the creatures.

They star heading towards the Ettercap city. They encounter some Ettercaps but Kovec manages to convince them they are friendly. The bluff (and bribe) their way into the city.