Ep.4. Between the Woods

The Heroes

Kilannia, 3rd level Wood Elf Ranger, played by Caroline.
Sindar, 3rd level Wood Elf Ranger, played by Graeme.
Yrgromma, 3rd level Dragonspawn Chaos Mage, played by Russell.
Lomaeus, 3rd Level Holy One Monk, played by Peter.

The Supporting Cast

Meffit, a centaur warrior, representative of the High Druid.
Salina, a elderly vampire, representative of the Lick King.
Ataliks The Black, a friendly black dragon.


Session Eleven

Played: 26th June 2017.
Party: Kilannia, Sindar, Yrgromma, and Tyberious.
Rewards: One incremental advance. 1 full heal up.
175gp each, Double Blades of Protection, Deathmark Wand.

For his deeds in freeing the Queens wood from the influence of the Beguiler, Sindar is awarded a twin set of magical swords.

The Heroes continue onward to the Spider Woods, travelling across the Grasslands. During the journey the battle an Ogre and its dire wolf pet, as well as 6 harpy-like Razor Hawk creatures.

While camping at night Tyberious encounters Salina, a vampire, who in return for the gift of blood, tells him that the Lich King has rewarded him for destroying the “beguiler zombies” with a magical wand.

Also during the journey they receive a delegation of centaurs from the high Druid. They inform the Heroes that they if they visit Temple of the Moon they can gain an alliance with the forest animals through the spirits of the Great Wolf, Bear, and Stag. With this alliance they can remove the Ettercap threat.

The party continues onward to the Edge of the Spider Woods, into a the Dragon Vale. They slain some kobolds, and a young blue dragon, and reach the Lair of Ataliks. After talking to Ataliks, they learn that not all the Black dragon aid the Drow, only the wings who server Ebony, a great black dragon who was Nordra's mount. Slay Ebony and the Drow will no longer have the aid of the Black dragons.