Ep.8. Dark Mirror

The Heroes

Kilannia, 7th level Wood Elf Ranger, played by Caroline.
Sindar, 7th level Wood Elf Ranger, played by Graeme.
Kovec, 7th level Dark Elf Rogue/Commander, played by Russell.
Nero, 7th level Half-Elven Sorceror, played by Peter.

The Supporting Cast

Gilnoran, an Elven Lord, rebel general.
Silvarla, the Elvish Queen.
Nordra, the Drow Queen


Session Twenty-Two

Played: 6th November 2017.
Party: Kilannia, Sindar, Nero, and Kovec.
Rewards: None.

While Gilnoran and the others lead an assault on the Severed Tower drawing away the Drow, the Heroes go through the Magic Circle and arrive outside the Queen's Citadel. They realise the entire Queen's COurt elvish city has been moved to another plane, a plane of negative energy.

Upon arrive they re attack by some drow which they defeat. They then sneak into the palace, and they make their way into Nordra person wing. After Kalannia's animal companion attacks a servent, they are attacked by more guards.

They find the entrance to the Black gate in Nordra's Lab, and travel to it to find Silvarla in a glass coffin. Dispatching the Golems that protect the coffin, the party then argue on whether or not they should follow Kalannia's vision to dispatch the Queen.

Nordra becomes aware of their presence and attacks the party, initially immune to the parties attacks, until Kovec slays Silvarla. After a grueling combat, Nordra is defeat by the party. The party then leaves Silvarla's tomb to find that the Court has returned to the Mundane plane and Gilnoran is leading the other elves, driving out Nordra's forces.

The Heroes are victorious!


With the queens gone, Kilannia attempts to claim the crown for herself. While her initial attempt fails to gain traction, after she help stops the upcoming Elven zombie apocalypse, the succeeds and is crowned the Elvish Queen.

Neros becomes a member of the Elven guards, eventually pledges himself to serve Kilannia, when she becomes the new Elvish queen.

Kovec, reaches and position of prominance in the Thieves guild and uses hit influence to aid Killania's attempt to gain the crown. His resulting successses issue an era of prosperity for the guild.

Sindar returns to the Tower of Shadow, only to return many years later to aid Queen Killania.