Ep.3. The Spring of Life

The Heroes

Kilannia, 3rd level Wood Elf Ranger, played by Caroline.
Sindar, 3rd level Wood Elf Ranger, played by Graeme.
Yrgromma, 3rd level Dragonspawn Chaos Mage, played by Russell.
Lomaeus, 3rd Level Holy One Monk, played by Peter.

The Supporting Cast

Gilnoran, an Elven Lord, rebel general.
Eldergar, an Elven Noble, rebel advisor.
Barella, an Elven Priestess, rebel.
Captain Ellarn, a halfling captain of the galley "Red Queen".


Session Ten

Played: 12th June 2017.
Party: Kilannia, Sindar, Yrgromma, and Tyberious.
Rewards: One incremental advance. 1 full heal up.
175gp each.

The heroes meet with a council being held by the elves to address the problem.

Basic outline of current situation:

Basic action points are determined:

The players decide to assist, by taking the grand up-river to the spring of life. They travel up river on a galley manned by halflings.

The trip takes six days, and they are attacked by Sahuagin halfway through the journey. They arrive at the opal where they are attacked by two catacomb dragons.

Eventually the arrive at the mist-covered Isle where the spring is. As the enter the Isle they are attacked by Red Caps. The eventually arrive at the court of the old mad King Narcissus, who was exiled there centuries ago. Narcissus invited them to be tortured, which the party refuses inviting an attack. An intense fight breaks out where Tyberious in confused by Narcissus and accidently kills Sindar. After Narcissus is defeated Sindar is resurrected by the Pool, and then the Gland is thrown into it, freeing the forest of the Beguiler effect.